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    About us
    Cixi Suteng Electronic CO.,LTD.,It is a professional manufacturer of wiring terminals. The main products include: through terminal; LED lamp terminal; patch terminal; fast terminal; plug-in terminal; fence terminal; PCB terminal; screw-free terminal; LED power terminal; electrical terminal; all kinds of terminal; European socket; dial switch; etc. Class connectors.
    "Suteng electronic" insists on putting people first, seeking development through science and technology, and seeking market with quality. Our vision is to be a leading domestic and world-renowned supplier of electronic components. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system. Integrity, strength and product quality are recognized by the industry. Willing to join hands with customers at home and abroad to join hands in creating a brilliant tomorrow.。

    Friends from all circles are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business with Cixi Suteng Electronics Co.,Ltd.
    Service And Support

    We focus on the spirit of professional technology, a serious attitude to continue to create the greatest value for customers.

      Cixi Suteng Electronic CO.,LTD.

      Address: No. 51 development road, Shui Yun Pu village, Xiaolin Town, Cixi, Zhejiang. 




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    Cixi Suteng Electronic CO.,LTD.——Terminal Block manufacturer Web:http://www.ybh002.com
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